Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kit Kat Cake

This is the cake we made to celebrate my cousin's 6th birthday. Grandma Janie had seen some pictures of Kit Kat cakes and decided that it would be the perfect cake for Taytum's birthday. I couldn't agree more. It was so amazingly easy to make. We used boxed cake mix (I promise that there is cake under all of that candy) and canned frosting because we were in a hurry. It is a great cake to do when you are in a hurry or have kids helping you (or both) because it doesn't matter if the cake is a bit uneven or if you frost it wonky because you are covering it all up anyway! Just do a search for Kit Kat cake on Flikr and you will find several adorable versions of this cake for inspiration.

UPDATE: I'm so excited that my cake was featured on One Pretty Thing. I want to make sure that I give a shout out to the cake that probably inspired mine the most: this one from Cakeoholic.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  I think we might try a 4th of July version of this cake with white chocolate Kit Kats and red, white and blue M&Ms.  Sounds like it would be cute, don't you think?
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