Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bleach Tee

Welcome to my new favorite gift! While stumbling around on the internet one day, I came across this post from Jamee. I immediately fell in love. It meets all of my criteria for an awesome birthday present: cute, personalized, good for all ages, works for girls OR boys, easy to do, and cute, cute cute!

Here's how to make my version:

1. Find a good shirt. (The darker the color of the shirt, the better your results are going to be.)
2. Play around in Microsoft Word until you spellout the name in a font and size you like.
3. Print it out on freezer paper. (I like using freezer paper because then I don't have to worry about the letters moving around and ruining my project.)
4. Cut out the letters with regular ol' scissors
5. Place the letters on the shirt and iron them on
6. Fill a spray bottle with bleach
7. Go outside
8. Lay the shirt on the grass and lightly mist all over with the bleach. (I sprayed from a couple of feet above and let it fall onto the shirt in order to get nice, even coverage. Get a little heavier with the spray up around the letters to ensure that the letters stand out. Also, do a light coat and then wait a minute or two because the bleach spots will continue to deepen, then spray more bleach if needed. If you saturate the shirt too much then you will just end up with a white shirt.)
9. Do the back of the shirt
10. Let dry
11. Peel off letters
12. Admire

Wow, by turning this into 12 steps, I'm making it look more complicated than it really is. It is super simple and super cute, so go give it a try.
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Jamee said...

great job!! love it- thanks for sharing it. jameehomemaker.blogspot.com

Katie Warnock said...

Where do you get freezer paper? Is it with foil, saran wrap, etc at the store?

If so, how did you get it to fit in your printer?