Sunday, June 19, 2011

4th of July Kit Kat Cake

My post about the Kit Kat cake is BY FAR the most popular post on this site. I promised a white chocolate follow up and I am finally delivering. Last year we made a red, white and blue version for the 4th of July. Sorry the pictures aren't so great, but they were a total afterthought. I ordered the white chocoate Kit Kats on Amazon because I couldn't find any locally. But other than that this cake was super easy to put together and a big hit with the block party we took it to!
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simply heidi said...

That is so cute! It totally puts me in a 4th of July mood.

idesign said...

LOVE THIS!!! i wished i liked white chocolate lol! so cute!

Rylan - Art and Appetite said...

Emily, I think that is superp! Love your concept! Awesome! Now, I Want to celebrate 4th of July in October!