Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Ribbon Shirts

I'm getting sloppy with my pictures, but I just love these shirts so much I'm posting them anyway. I mean, they gave me an excuse to go buy ribbon! How could they not be fabulous?

The idea came from here, a blog that I recently came across that has some really great ideas. You can get the instructions there, although it wouldn't be hard to figure it out just by looking at the picture.

I'm interested in seeing how well these shirts hold up in the wash. I'm sure the stitching will hold just fine, but will the ends of the ribbon unravel (even though I used fray check)? Will the ribbon color bleed into the shirt? Do I worry too much?

Here's a picture of Abby wearing her shirt at a Dec 1st holiday kick off playdate:

Updated to add this slightly better picture of Abby in the shirt. And to let you know that I washed it without incident. No fraying, no bleeding, no problems at all.

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