Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's Have a Birthday Party

A couple of months ago, when I started to think about my daughter’s 3rd birthday party, she loved to watch Sid the Science kid on PBS. She would walk around with a pretend microphone and ask people the question of the day. So I started to plan a REALLY cool science party in my head.

However. When the time came to actually start buying things she decided that she didn’t want a science party. She wanted a Cinderella party. What?! A DISNEY PRINCESS party?! Not just a licensed character, but a DISNEY PRINCESS?! Sigh. OK.

But it turned out to be plenty of fun to plan and my daughter and her friends had a great time.

Party favors were supposed to be just these magic cookie wands:

But then I kept finding things and coming up with ideas. So everyone also got a gift bag:

The glass slipper is a piece of sidewalk chalk. The candy rings came from the clearance wedding section at a craft store, the "Magic Fairy Godmother Dust" is clear cake sprinkles, and the bubbles have a new label calling them "Cinderella's Soap".

I had the party at a local park, and the kids are still pretty young, so I didn't plan too many activities. Mostly just let them play. But we did decorate Cinderella crowns:

We played a Royal Ring Toss Game:

And we had snacks. Snacks are very important:


Anonymous said...

We had a ton of fun! You are such a crafty little thing :-)

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Cute cute cute. Thanks for giving me the link on 30days. Love it!!