Friday, February 5, 2010


About a week ago my friend, Amber, sent me a link to Dana from MADE's Can Can Skirt pattern and asking if I thought I could help her make it. I looked it over and said, "Sure!".

I was completely lying. I did not think that I had the skills to successfully make this beautiful ruffled skirt, seeing as how I'd never made any skirt before. Ever. But in my moment of confidence I had already committed to this and Amber had already bought the pattern and ordered the fabric. So there was nothing left to do but try. So we did.

After attending a fabulous Cinderella birthday party we came to my house and measured and cut and ripped out a couple of seams and read some directions carefully and totally ignored some other directions and, lo and behold, we did it. We MADE it! And we are proud.

Here are some pictures of Mia wearing the finished product. Amber's pictures are much better so I'll post some of them later.

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