Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy House-iversary to Us!

We bought our first home 1 year ago.  It was a short sale (which is the step before foreclosure) and not in very good shape and with all of the little home improvement projects we never got around to having a house warming party.  This is something that we really regret and so we decided to have a party celebrating the one year mark.  We called it a House-iversary Party!

A few weeks ago I won a blog drawing hosted by Paper Glitter.  I was so excited!!  I got to pick some printables out at her fabulous Etsy shop.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking it over and deciding what to get.  There are so many cute choices.  One of the kits I finally decided on was the Kawaii Sweets Birthday Party Kit.  It came with sooo many cute pieces!  I picked out some of the non-birthday specific parts of the kit and worked my theme around them.

For example, I used the printables to make little signs for the food:

We decorated above our fireplace with some "before" pictures of the house, so that people could see some of the changes we made. 

One of the highlights of our party (to me, anyway) was our ice cream sundae bar.  I made a couple of different chocolate sauces, a caramel sauce, and a marshmallow sauce.  And I used the Paper Glitter printables to make cute labels for the jars.  I wanted to do all homemade ice cream, but knew that it wouldn't stand up to the summer heat (it gets REALLY hot here), so I satisfied myself with just making the sauces.

I declare the party a success!

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