Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Love Flowers in the Spring

I have been doing lots of sewing for little girl birthday presents.  Sadly, I have been taking very few pictures of it all.

Here are some pictures of an outfit I did for one of my Utah kids, Taytum.  I bought the yellow outfit at Target and then had some fun with applique.  Most of the rick rack came from my grandmother's house (Taytum's great-grandmother) and was probably left over from some project by my grandmother or one of my aunts many many many years ago.  I love that the rick rack lives on in  projects a few generations down the line.

Here are a couple of bonus pictures of Taytum and Abby.  Abby is wearing a dress I made using LBB's Sienna Pattern.  It is my favorite of the few that I've made.  Can you believe that Taytum is 2 years older than Abby?


Update:  Someone asked for a closer crop of the applique, so I've added one.  Any more questions?  Just ask!  :)

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