Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's Make a Memory Game!

Abby's favorite twins recently had a birthday.  For one of their shared presents Abby and I decided to make them a personalized memory game.  It was so easy and turned out so cute.  I see various personalized memory games occasionally around the interwebs and decided to try it out myself.  Most of the versions I looked at involved chipboard squares or leftover cardboard and spray adhesive.  I went the lazy way and used craft foam that had one side that was peel and stick (found in the kids craft section of the craft store).  And I couldn't be happier with the results!

Here's how to do it my way:

1.  Buy 2 pieces of 8.5x11 craft foam that has pattern or glitter or a pretty color on one side and peel and stick adhesive on the other.
2.  Use your favorite picture editor (mine is Picasa) to pick out 9 different pictures (mine are of the kids all playing together). 
3.  Print them, wallet size, on a piece of regular printer paper (2 copies because each picture needs a match). 
4.  Peel the backing off of the foam page and stick the picture page to it. 
5.  Carefully cut each picture out.

This will give you 18 cards (so 9 matches), which seemed perfect for our 4 year olds.  The game goes, pretty quickly though.  You could easily do another set of 18 to make the game more challenging. 

Add a title card and maybe some directions and tie it all up with a cute ribbon and you are good to go!


Mique (as in Mickey) said...

This is sooo cute! Thanks for linking up on my pity party.

Match The Memory said...

There is a similar game that you can build yourself on a web site called You upload your pictures and choose fonts and colors, and the site does all of the work to create cards with your personalized text and photos.

But it's not just for printing your custom memory game -- anyone can also play the game online. There are cute sound effects, and you can add a specific message that pops up with each match. My young daughter loves to play the games and find the photos of her friends and family members.