Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ladybug Princess

Here is Abby making her debut as a ladybug princess:

I made the skirt using this method from Just We Moms.

I made the top by fusing some big felt circles onto a tshirt from Target with Lite Steam-A-Seam.  I ended up having to sew them down too, though.  The felt is too thick and didn't move with the shirt, so the circles would pull up.  But really, this could be a no sew costume by using better fusing or thinner fabric.

I already had the wings and antennae from a party favor.  They are really what inspired the whole costume.  (Thanks, Lesley!).  But I think you could make some using this method, but with red cellophane and/or some paint: Fairy Wings at At Second Street. 

Wand coming soon...

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