Friday, January 9, 2009

Creative Gift Wrap

As the mother of a toddler and one of the organizers of my "mommy group" I have suddenly found myself invited to quite a few birthday parties over the past year or so. This is certainly a good thing because my daughter and I both really enjoy going to them.

The challenge, though, is with the gifts. I like them to be thoughtful. And useful. And not plastic. And not expensive.

And I think the way to jazz up a smaller, less expensive gift is with a thoughtful wrap job. This picture is a not too great picture of a great gift we recently brought to a birthday party for a two year old. I bought a roll of plain brown paper at Target. I like it because it works for any occasion (girl birthdays, boy birthdays, adult birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, you name it), so I don't have to spend money and space on several rolls of paper. Then I had my almost three year old color all over the paper before wrapping the gift. Add some ribbon and a card and we're done. And my daughter really loves helping to wrap the gift.

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Nancy M. said...

You have some really great ideas here! Thanks for entering my giveaway!