Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Homemade Pudding Pops

When I was a kid I loved pudding pops. I have great memories of going over to Beba's house (that's my grandmother) and swimming and eating pudding pops. Well, I was looking through a Kraft Foods magazine and found directions for some homemade ones. Brilliant! The easiest thing ever and so so good.

Here's the basic idea. You make the pudding as directed on the package. Then you spoon it into popsicle molds. Then you put it in the freezer. Should I go over that again? I don't want to lose you with the complicated directions.

We added crushed mocha cookies from Fresh and Easy to ours. I'm thinking that my vanilla husband might like to try vanilla pudding with Nilla wafers sometime soon. I'm thinking some frozen fruit might be good for you healthier types.

They don't look too attractive, but they sure taste good.


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Looks cool and yummy! Abby has the right approach - get it everywhere!
Auntie C