Thursday, June 18, 2009

My New Favorite Brownie Recipe

Every new brownie recipe I try becomes my favorite for a while, only to be replaced a short time later by another one. This one, I think, really has some staying power. I even baked them way too long and they were still fabulous (I was trying out a new brownie bundt pan and my timing guess was waaaay off). I used Scharffen Berger cocoa (on sale at Fresh and Easy, making it the same price as the Hershey's!) and I really think that good cocoa makes the better brownie.

But I think that the REAL reason I fell in love with these brownies is the fact that they use oil instead of butter for the fat. I've decided that I just don't like brownies made with butter. I find that they have an aftertaste that I just don't care for. Maybe I'd feel differently if I bought better quality butter?

So anyway, this one may be my new favorite for a loooong while. Go make them. The recipe can be found here. Long live King Arthur Flour.
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Ashley said...

YUM. Save me one ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks fab! How is the move coming along???