Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spa Day

My niece, Cass, came over today to hang out while her dad was working. While we were at Target she found a Spa Science kit and decided to use her spending money on it. Now we had an afternoon activity! We had a good time following the directions and recipes. We made some bath salts, a strawberry scrub, bath bombs, and a rose oat infusion. I, of course, had to find some sort of cute packaging for them. Luckily, my craft supplies are not packed away yet (did I mention that I'm moving this weekend?) and we found some cute jars to repurpose and some leftover fabric from some pants I hemmed (look familiar, Jane?) and we made some cute labels and there you have it. Cass has some cute bath accessories to take home with her. Hope you had fun, Cass! I know I did.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute!! Let me know if you need the truck for the move!