Saturday, August 15, 2009

Do you "C" it?

I have a small, but slowly growing, collection of "C"s (you know, the letter that begins our last name). I finally hung a couple of them up on the wall of our new house and they look a bit sad and lonely up there. Well, I was looking for an art project for Abby the other day and decided that this was a perfect time to add to the collection. I bought her a C at the craft store, came home and picked out a few paints from the paint bin and she went to work. I'm quite pleased with it!

And Lisa over at Ellebows and More has another display worthy toddler art project. Really cute! Check it out here.


One Simple Tech said...
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Anonymous said...

I "C" it!! Very cute!!!

Thanks for the link :-)

Disney said...

Oh I'm so glad I saw this! I've been feeling really silly about all the "P"s in our house, and afraid that people would think we are obsessed with ourselves or something. Good to know that it's a normal thing!!
Found you through Lil' Blue Boo!