Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jane's Purse

A few weeks ago my Aunt Janie somehow, don't ask me how, broke her purse. Ripped it, actually. Not even on a seam. She really likes this purse and isn't ready to invest time into finding a new one so she used some fabric glue to fix it. But you could sort of still see where she glued it so she gave it to me and asked me to get some ribbon to put over it since I'm at the craft store ALL THE TIME.

So I finally got around to doing it today and I'm pretty happy with the results. I found some red ribbon that I liked and felt that I was off to a pretty good start. But then my Liquid Stitch was old and not coming out of the tube. So back to the craft store I went. After reading all the labels I settled on a flexible fabric glue and came home. After gluing the ribbon over the tear I decided to add a flower accent and turned to the web to figure out how to do it. I settled on this tutorial via this roundup on Sew Mama Sew because I wanted to use some of the leftover ribbon. I just put the flower on a safety pin so that she can take it off if she doesn't like it. But who wouldn't like it?

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